AirHelp – ‘Justice-as-a-Service’ (JaaS)

16th July 2018

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In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Airhelp CEO, Henrik Zilmer, discusses how his company has developed an app that lets customers resolve their own service issues.

The article notes how our on-demand economy has grown, giving us all the ability to get a product or a service in an instant, and that it was inevitable that customer service should follow.

Typically, contacting companies with an issue or complaint is complex, time-consuming and involves many stages.

The AirHelp app allows customers to scan for all of the flights they have taken in the past three years and automatically identifies possible refunds you could be entitled to. Then, if you wish, AirHelp will also automatically contact the airline regarding your refund, keeping a percentage of the funds as a success fee.

In the article, Zilmer discusses how he started AirHelp in order to address this demand for swift customer service and complaint resolution:

“I started AirHelp to save people from the horrible customer service of airlines that have been a race to the bottom since the birth of low-cost carriers. We call it Justice-as-a-Service (JaaS).”

“By automating the validation and processing of refund claims we gave travellers a consumer rights lawyer in their pocket, which provides them with instant legal advice on the case.”

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