How Depop is Leveraging Collaborations to Grow Their Community

29th June 2018

In a recent article in Forbes Magazine, Depop CEO Maria Raga talks about how they are leveraging collaborations to grow their community.

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To the uninformed, Depop is an app for an online marketplace, like a niche eBay. It was founded in Milan during 2011 by Simon Beckerman, the co-founder of the culture magazine, PIG, and popular sunglasses brand RETROSUPERFUTURE. Started as a place for PIG readers to buy what they were seeing inside the magazine, Beckerman wanted to create a place they could sell their own items as well, thus the idea for a global marketplace put in the works. Their mission was to become a social network-esque marketplace where users could see what their friends and the people they were inspired by are liking, buying, and selling.

For their 10+ million users, they boast a consistently hand-curated explore page and are embarking on the brick and mortar retail world. While online retailers are seeing some of their advantages stripped away with this week’s Supreme Court ruling allowing states to collect taxes on consumers’ online purchases, Depop is moving forward with their plan for a space in New York following opening one in Los Angeles.

Depop has found growth, strengthened community, and continue to add to the brand through a series of collaborations. They’ve worked with major brands like Dickies as well as entrepreneurs like the New York vintage shop owner, Procell, and L.A.-based textile artist, Uzumaki Cepeda.

In the article, Raga also talks about what’s coming next for Depop. She highlights the community, collaborations and the future of Depop:

What do collaborations offer the Depop community?

Raga: They inspire and educate our community. The collaborations are an opportunity to conceptualize the trends we see culture and community shaping. In recognizing their interests we can create exciting campaigns and experiences and allow for a dialogue to travel beyond the app. We strive to stay connected to our community and what is relevant to them but also excite them with something new and unexpected.

How do you select who to collaborate with?

Raga: There is not one single process but the ideal partner must share our ethos and values. Ultimately our partners mirror our community. They are creatives who aren’t afraid of pushing boundaries, open-minded entrepreneurs. They are pioneers in what they choose to do.

What’s coming next for Depop?

Raga: We are building a global business. Depop may have started in Europe but we are now very focused in the US. It’s a market where we grew mostly organically and got a lot of traction – in 2017 we’ve experienced a 130% revenue growth in the US alone.

The plan is to continue growing the community and building a structure to support them along the way. This will be done through numerous initiatives like Depop spaces, student ambassadors but also new features which will improve discovery, helping creators, curators, buyers and sellers.

The US experience will provide us with a good structure to grow in other markets and explore new formats. That’s only just the beginning! There’s still a lot to come, and you’ll be hearing more of Depop.

Read the full article on Forbes here


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