Samsung and Ercom announce a new era for the secured mobility by launching Cryptosmart 5.2

26 October, 2018

Samsung and Ercom mark a turning point for enterprise mobile security, with the release of Cryptosmart 5.2, a globally unique solution to address increasing threats and the unprecedented risks of the new cyber economy.

With Cryptosmart 5.2, Samsung and Ercom have revisited the mobility standards enabling companies and governments to easily deploy Cryptosmart 5.2 on the top performing and most advanced devices designed by Samsung.

The result of a strategic technological partnership between two leading companies

Cryptosmart 5.2 is the result of a technological partnership established in 2015. This partnership has already enabled Samsung and Ercom to equip the French presidency and multiple French ministries with secured devices. The Korean company and the French leader in mobile cybersecurity have been working together for three years to achieve a perfect combination of their solutions. This joint work in R&D has made it possible to adapt the Cryptosmart solution to the Samsung KNOX platform, in order to guarantee exceptional mobile security.

A unique mobile security solution

Integrated in the multi-layer KNOX platform (hardware and software), Cryptosmart 5.2 combines the protection of data on the devices and complete security on all communications. The solution provides encryption of all data streams, SMS, as well as voice communications. It prevents interception of phone calls, e-mails or SMS, cyber-attacks, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi data theft and application leaks. The user is therefore protected against the risk of spying, blackmail, fraudulent bank transfers and purchases, or identity thefts.

To provide such protection, the solution is based on a CyberSIM allowing businesses and governments to use their own encryption keys. This therefore guarantees a level of security that meets the most stringent requirements of the governmental entities, CNIP (Critical National Infrastructure providers) and companies that process sensitive information.

Advanced cybersecurity accessible for the most up-to-date Samsung devices

True innovation in the field of professional mobility, Cryptosmart 5.2 now enables companies’ access to a wide choice of state-of-the-art devices. While security constraints once required the use of outdated, purpose-built phones, Cryptosmart 5.2 is compatible with multiple Samsung Galaxy[1] models, in line with the new uses of mobility. Everyone will now be able to benefit from all the features and power of these devices which will in turn lead to increased mobility and productivity. For example, the Samsung DeX applications, which allow you to turn compatible tablets and smartphones into a desktop computer, are now protected by Cryptosmart. For the end user, the presence of Cryptosmart 5.2, remains however completely seamless.

Samsung and Ercom have also worked to ensure that any new Galaxy model is quickly made compatible with Cryptosmart.

Easy deployment on a large scale

The compatibility of Cryptosmart 5.2 with the latest range of devices is joined with the ease of deployment, which is critical to the roll-out of mobile fleets in companies. This solution can be installed on devices remotely and on a large scale. Once the CyberSIM is installed, Cryptosmart 5.2 can be downloaded directly to devices via the companies’ app store and configured via an NFC card or a QR code. The installation is done automatically in the middleware of the device, without requiring any physical intervention on the device ROM, nor any downtime. The mobile fleet can then be managed remotely thanks to the KNOX solution (configuration, update management, etc.).

Thus, Cryptosmart 5.2 represents a key asset in enabling governments and corporations to benefit from devices that meet their efficiency and productivity needs, while fully taking into account the logistical and financial constraints.

“The major changes brought by this collaboration, both in terms of interoperability with Samsung KNOX and simplicity of deployment, have already convinced several public sector customers and corporations. I want to thank Samsung for the exceptional relationship that we have had with them since day one to successfully bring this product to the market today.” emphasizes Yannick Dupuch, Chairman and CEO of Ercom.

“The launch of Cryptosmart 5.2 is the result of three years of research and development conducted in synergy by Ercom and Samsung. Ercom’s expertise in secure mobile communications has been complemented by Samsung’s technological know-how, both in smartphone design and also in the development of security and mobile deployment solutions.” adds Cyril Godin, director B-to-B of the IM department at Samsung France.

(Source: Ercom)

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